Streaming DVB-T as ogg to N800

Transcode DVB-T with VLC on mediaserver (low resolution because of low(?) CPU):

vlc --program=241 dvb: --dvb-frequency=674000000
--dvb-srate=6900000 --dvb-transmission=8
--dvb-guard=8 --dvb-hierarchy=-1
--dvb-bandwidth=8 --sout #transcode{width=128, height=96, vcodec=theora, vb=300, acodec=vorb, ab=96}: std{access=http, mux=ogg,}

Watch stream on N800:

gst-launch-0.10 gnomevfssrc location= ! oggdemux name=demuxer ! {queue ! theoradec ! xvimagesink} {demuxer.!queue ! vorbisdec ! audioconvert ! dsppcmsink}

Tested with VLC 0.9.0 and self compiled theora, ogg, vorbis libs. The transcoding parameters are just the ones I got first working :)

EDIT: It seems that I almost reinvented the wheel again. See MoRpHeUz’s blog (especially this) for more details.