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Penguin's Web Gallery

pwgallery is yet another web gallery generator. It assumes that the digital images are kept in the same location forever. User can create galleries out of those images by selecting images, selecting some basic editions like rotate and gamma and write the image descriptions. The pwgallery creates the HTML pages by using user specified templates and filling in the data.

The main idea behind the pwgallery is that the galleries can be remade easily using the saved galleries. Thus the user can e.g. change the HTML page layout on the templates and recreate the gallery with couple of clicks (or from the command line) for all galleries. The web images are recreated from the originals with the new paramameters on the fly.

The project started in the year 2000 as a simple Imlib based C-program called glcthumb. In 2002 I came up with the main idea that the galleries are saved in separate files and can be easily remade. I used a lot of perl at that time and thus I made a perl script for generating the galleries with ImageMagick's convert command line tool. In 2004 I learned a little bit about GTK and wrote an ugly application called gwebgal. In June 2006 I started a complete rewrite using techniques called e.g. GTK, Glade, GnomeVFS, libxml, and ImageMagick. Something working might be published before the end of the year.

screenshot of the main window screenshot of the main window in Maemo SDK
Already old screenshot of the main window. Screenshot of the newer version of pwg in Maemo SDK for N800.


GIT: http://cgit.pingu.fi/pwgallery/
SVN: http://tuomas.kulve.fi/svn/pwgallery
Trac: http://tuomas.kulve.fi/pwgallery
Trac login: http://tuomas.kulve.fi/pwgallery/login

Main developers:

Tuomas Kulve <tuomas (a) kulve fi>


Aino Kulve <aino (a) kulve fi>

5 Jan 2007 Pwgallery creates HTML pages and multiple sized images.
29 Jun 2006 Project started.

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Tuomas Kulve tuomas#kulve.fi