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SpeexComm is a Speex based multiplatform voice communication engine meant mainly for gaming. It is written in C99 without GNU extensions. The engine itself depends only on libc but e.g. ALSA and Speex libraries are recommended for audio input/output and voice encoding/decoding. The engine is accompanied with some reference UIs.

A working proto version has been released. It has basic functionalities like simple clients with abilities to join and part a server. ALSA and OSS are supported. The codec is Speex with Speex's preprocessor. The preprocessor has denoise and automatic gain control enabled.

Version1 could be (wishful thinking) out by end of the year 2006. It will have reorganized architecture where the engine is a shared library capable of loading audio device, codec and preprocessor as plugins chosen by the client software. It will also have a working GTK client to use the engine while playing e.g. Doom3 on Linux. The GTK client can be used as a reference client to build other clients for different environments.

Version2 is not yet anything but early speculations. The architecture may be kept similar to the Version1. The engine may use more standardized ways to e.g. stream audio and execute the handshake about audio stream parameters.


Anonymous users have read access to whole SVN repository. Trac is also read-only for anonymous users. Contributors can ask for an account to branches in SVN.

For downloads and bug list etc. see project page at SourceForge.net.

SVN: http://tuomas.kulve.fi/svn/speexcomm
Trac: http://tuomas.kulve.fi/speexcomm
Trac login: http://tuomas.kulve.fi/speexcomm/login

Main developers:

Tuomas Kulve <tuomas (a) kulve fi>
Tommi Saviranta <wnd (a) iki fi>

29 Oct 2006 Released first proto version.
07 Jun 2006 Project registered to SF. No downloadable files yet.
14 Apr 2006 Project started.

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