Ogg support for n800

The Internet Tablets don’t support Ogg natively, so there has been some open source projects to add it. I made yet another one.


  • Adds application/ogg and audio/x-ogg mime types
  • Add GnomeVFS mime type icons for above
  • Depends on ogg, vorbis and theora libs and on the corresponding GStreamer plugins

See project page, home page or install it (conflicts with kilikali-codecs-meta).

For an open source player, see kilikali.

Maemo nicer

Playing audio on n800 on ARM side gets easily interrupted when doing other tasks at the same time. With Maemo nicer you can give your application any nice value. Running audio player with near maximum priority removes most of the annoying hickups, not all though. This works nicely for processes requiring certain constant amount of cpu time (like decoding real-time audio), but for processes taking all the cpu they can take, this is probably a bad idea.

NOTE! Maemo nicer installs a suid root binary for renicing any process.

For usage example, see kilikali‘s startup script.

Click here for single click install.