Learning OpenGL ES 2.0

I got (again) interested on OpenGL ES 2.0 and bought OpenGL® ES 2.0 Programming Guide.

The examples on the book can be downloaded from http://www.opengles-book.com/. Those are meant to be compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio.

I made a small patch that adds initial support for Linux/X11. It doesn’t support texture loading (because I misplaced my png loader somewhere), the WinCreate() is copypaste code I don’t fully understand and the WinLoop() is missing some functionality. But at least the Chapter 1 Hello Triangle compiles and runs in Fremantle on Beagle board :)

Compile and install the libes in a normal autotools manner. Then you can compile the examples by exporting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH and running gcc:

gcc `pkg-config libes --cflags --libs` Hello_Triangle.c -o Hello_Triangle

As usual, patches are welcome :)